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Parliamentary Counsel's Office (NSW drafting agency)

PCO Standard

The PCO Standard is a guide to legislative drafting in NSW, acting as both a style guide and a manual for drafters and editors. The objective of the document is to provide a collective base for legislative drafting resources in the office, ensure a consistent style is implemented by PCO for the NSW statute book and offer insight into PCO’s approach to drafting.

Version 1 of the PCO Standard was launched on 9 May 2023 to coincide with the opening of the 58th Parliament and can be downloaded here (1.9MB).

Particular legislation

Unofficial legislation

Publishing information

How to read legislation

How to read a NSW Act

Guide to interpreting NSW legislation

How legislation is made

Manual for Non-Government Drafting

The PCO Manual for Non-Government Drafting (2023) contains the Premier's authorisation to the NSW Parliamentary Counsel for the drafting of legislation for non-Government members of Parliament and sets out procedures for how the drafting is to be undertaken.

The 2023 version of Manual, reissued at the start of the 58th Parliament, can be downloaded here.

Standard instrument local environmental plans

Accessing legislation


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