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The NSW legislation website is managed by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office (PCO). We draft legislation for NSW and provide public access on this website to authorised legislation and information about that legislation. Information about PCO is available on the office’s corporate website.


Please note that PCO can't help with legal advice about the interpretation or operation of any NSW legislation. We explain below what we mean by legal advice and include links to other organisations that may be able to help—contacting them directly may save you time.


When to contact PCO

We can help you with the following enquiries—you will find our contact details at the bottom of this page:

  • Information that is strictly about processes for NSW legislation, which includes—
    • whether particular legislation is in force
    • what provisions of particular legislation have commenced
    • whether a Bill has been assented to or subordinate legislation has been notified
  • Assistance with using this website, including its functionality and features, and information about when particular NSW legislation will be available on this website
  • Technical problems with this website, for example, accessibility, broken links or corrupt files—
    • Please try refreshing your browser page (Ctrl + F5) to see if that fixes the problem or check our Help page then, if you still need assistance, contact the webmaster (contact details at the bottom of this page).
    • So we can effectively troubleshoot, in your webmaster email please detail the circumstances that led to the error or include relevant screenshots.


When to contact another organisation

We can't help you with the following enquiries but have provided hyperlinks to other websites that have helpful information:

  • An explanation of the law
  • Legal advice or research, which includes—
    • what legislation applies in particular circumstances
    • what provisions in legislation mean
    • how legislative provisions are applied
    • whether provisions in legislation have been breached
  • An investigation of possible breaches of the law

For these enquiries, LawAccess NSW, as part of Legal Aid NSW, provides plain language legal information, including factsheets and guides to help you with legal issues.

LawAccess NSW also operates a free government telephone service that provides legal information and referrals for people who have a legal problem in NSW—telephone 1300 888 529.

For legal advice on the interpretation or application of legislation a community legal service or Legal Aid NSW may be able to assist. Alternatively, you may need to consult a qualified private lawyer—the Law Society of NSW can assist with this.

  • Information about—
    • future plans for legislation
    • underlying policies for NSW legislation

For these enquiries, the relevant government department, agency or local council administering particular legislation may be able to assist. The NSW Government Directory provides a list of government departments, agencies and Ministries.

  • Information about the NSW Parliament or its proceedings
  • Information about a NSW government service—see Service NSW or phone 13 77 88
  • Legal research or information for student projects or university assignments—
  • Computer support for the configuration of browsers or the installation of software associated with reading files from this site—please seek other sources of technical computer support.


Parliamentary Counsel's Office

Please note: Standard business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm, excepting NSW public holidays. Special arrangements apply on days when the NSW Parliament is sitting.

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