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The NSW legislation website is the primary source for NSW legislation.
It is managed by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

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  • My favourites—the My favourites page (link on the main dark blue task bar) explains how you can save time navigating around the website by setting up your own favourites list of up to 10 of the titles you need to access regularly.
  • Resizing the Contents pane—you can now drag the Contents pane to your preferred width and have it stick at that width until you change it again.
  • Most popular titles list—this list will now be a permanent feature at the top of our Noticeboard and will be updated weekly with the titles most frequently accessed by our users each week.
  • Timeline enhancement—the timeline functionality for linking to other versions of a title now ‘remembers’ the provision being viewed and opens the selected version at the same provision.
  • Consultation drafts—a note on the Notification page now refers website users to the special consultation drafts page.
  • Hyperlinks for Bills assented to—on the Notification page the Bills assented to are now hyperlinked to the as made PDF.
  • PBBH Bills listed in ‘This week’—Bills that have been passed by both Houses (but not yet assented to) will now appear in a separate list in the Home page ‘This week’ column and have RSS feeds available.
  • Minor changes to the display and functionality of search results for some collections—improvements have been made for searching Bills, legislative histories and the website information and help pages.
  • Sticky’ search navigation buttons—the search navigation buttons at the top of the legislation display area are now ‘sticky’ i.e. the buttons conveniently remain ‘stuck’ at the top of the display area in a shaded box as you navigate between hits so you don’t need to scroll up repeatedly to use them.
  • Displaying the hits for searches in a single title—the list of hits now displays automatically after a search in a single title so you no longer need to click the Show hits button to open that list.
  • Enhanced layout for bills—you can now easily distinguish between Government and non-Government bills in all Bills page browse lists. Non-Government Bills are marked with an asterisk in the list and you can also filter by type of bill—All/Government/Non-Government.
  • Supplementary list of repealed SI titles made under a Parent Act—when you click the Statutory instruments button (pale blue task bar) for an In force or Repealed Act, you can now expand a second drop-down table of repealed statutory instruments made under the Act. (Note that the repealed table opens even if there are no entries.)
  • View Legislative history button in Actions column—we have now added a View legislative history button in the Actions column on browse and search results pages as a shortcut to open the Legislative history page for the selected title.

Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) maps are no longer accessible on the NSW legislation website. Instead, all LEP and SEPP maps, including historic versions, are available on the NSW Planning Portal.

To assist our users, we have redirection hyperlinks in place from this website to the Planning Portal for users wanting to access maps. If you click on an LEP or SEPP Maps button or the link to a map in legislative text, you will be redirected to the Planning Portal’s maps page for the relevant title or, in a small number of cases, to the landing page for Environmental Planning Instruments on the Planning Portal, from where you can easily navigate to the title you want. The Planning Portal page will open in a new window.

You will find redirection hyperlinks back to the legislation website from the Planning Portal maps pages if you need to return to the legislative text of the title (or you can just return to the legislation website window).

If you have set up your own favourites links for maps on our website, we encourage you to replace them with new links to the Planning Portal maps pages.

Accompanying this website change will be a new approach for councils wanting map-only amendments drafted. For more information about how these changes affect councils and what councils need to do, please see https://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/plans-for-your-area/local-planning-and-zoning/resources.

We now have a special website page for NSW COVID-19 legislation. You'll find links to—
    • Public health orders, including current and historical versions
    • Environmental planning orders
  • Acts of Parliament
  • Regulations.
Information about the COVID-19 pandemic generally is available at the following links—

Website tips

  • Some terminology used on this website is different to the old website—see our FAQ for an easy-to-follow guide.
  • You can now hide the Home page photo carousel.
  • There are more RSS feed options for subscriber alerts.
  • The 'This week' column on the Home page now has direct links to as made legislation.
  • The creation history section at the bottom of the Legislative history co-locates all the initial documents and dates for a title.
  • The table of versions in the Legislative history has a column that includes hyperlinks to the amendments consolidated in each version of the title.
  • The timeline gives you quick access to historical versions of legislation and allows you to generate comparisons between versions. You can hide the timeline if you prefer—your selection will 'stick' until you change it.
  • Search functionality has been enhanced to allow searching across legislative histories as well as the legislation collections. The results show search terms in context—see our FAQ on showing search hits.
  • We now have separate Gazette and Notification pages—access to the gazette portal to lodge a notice is via the Gazette page.
  • Clause headings used in schedules are now displayed in the Contents pane.
  • We now have separate browse pages for in force and repealed legislation and a browse-by-year option for all the legislation landing pages.
  • To help you find the legislation you want faster, the in force and repealed browse pages have more options then the old website for filtering, sorting and display.
  • The key to abbreviations used in legislative histories is now linked to the key icon on the pale blue task bar.

We now have a special page for public consultation drafts of Bills and statutory instruments.

Please note that consultation drafts are published on this website for information only. All comments should be provided to the relevant government department—see the relevant department’s website for more information.

From the week beginning Monday, 31 August we’re introducing a new way to lodge and publish gazette notices and a new format for the gazette.

Our gazette notice lodgement portal is now ready to use on the Gazette page. You’ll also find there everything you need to get started—links to how-to videos, FAQs, notice templates and an email ready to send to a dedicated Gazette Help box. If you get stuck, contact us at the NSW Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and our gazette team will be happy to help.

The new gazette format will involve compiling individual subject category volumes to make it easier for gazette users to find relevant notices. Notices will appear in the volume for the category selected when a notice is lodged and the volumes will continue to be published on the Gazette page of the legislation website.