Newcastle (Miscellaneous Lands) Act 1979 No 140

An Act to provide that the Council of the City of Newcastle may, under the Local Government Act 1919, lease certain land and to repeal the Borough of Newcastle Leasing and Improving Act of 1881 and the Newcastle Market Reserve Act 1914.
1   Name of Act
This Act may be cited as the Newcastle (Miscellaneous Lands) Act 1979.
2   Commencement
(1)  Except as provided in subsection (2), this Act shall commence on the date of assent to this Act.
(2)  Section 4 shall be deemed to have commenced on 19 June 1979.
3   Repeals
The Acts specified in Schedule 1 are repealed.
4   Power to lease certain land
Without limiting the application of the Local Government Act 1919 to or in respect of any land of the Council of the City of Newcastle, section 519 of that Act applies to and in respect of the land which is described in Schedule 2 and which, for the time being, is vested in or belongs to that Council.
Schedule 1 Repeal of Acts
(Section 3)
Column 1
Column 2
Year and No of Act
Short title of Act
1914, No 29
Schedule 2 Market Reserve
(Section 4)
The land comprised in certificate of title Volume 13840 Folios 139, 140 and 141.