Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938 No 15

Effective date Publication date Amendments included Notes
18 September 1981 18 September 1981 1976 No 21

This Act has also been amended pursuant to an order under secs 8 (2) and 9 (3) of the Reprints Act 1972 No 48 (previously Acts Reprinting Act 1972). Order dated 12.11.1979, and published in GG No 153 of 16.11.1979, p 5743, declaring that the Church of England (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938 is an enactment to which sec 8 (2) and sec 9 (3) of the Acts Reprinting Act 1972 apply.

Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Act 1938 No 15

Assented to 26.10.1938.

Anglican Church of Australia Act 1976 No 21

Assented to 01.04.1976.

A proclamation was published under sec 2 (2) in GG No 139 of 18.9.1981, p 4892 specifying 24.8.1981 as the date of commencement of Sch 2. Sch 2 was taken to have commenced on 18.9.1981.

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No reference is made to certain amendments made by the Reprints Act 1972.

Sec 1

Am 1976 No 21, Sch 2.

Anglican Church of Australia (Bodies Corporate) Bill 1938

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