How do I run a comparison between two versions?

For in force or repealed legislation you can generate quick on-the-fly comparisons for any two versions on a title's timeline that have the XML rendition icon. A double-arrow icon appears for versions that can be compared.

In the example below, the selected version, indicated by the blue node, can be compared with any of the versions with circled icons.



How to run a comparison

  1. Click the timeline node for one of your selected versions.
    1. Note—The timeline node for the most recent version is the default selection—if you want to compare that version, you don't need to click the node.
  2. Click the double-arrow compare icon for you other selected version—a spinner will appear in place of the double arrow icon to indicate processing is underway.

When processing has finished, you will see a number of changes on the screen—

  1. The timeline now indicates the two versions you compared, as shown in the example below—
    1. The earlier version is indicated with a pink square node and backward arrow.
    2. The later version is indicated with a green square node and forward arrow.
  1. The HTML (web page) view appearing on-screen below the timeline shows the differences inline—
    1. underlining for insertions
    2. strikethrough for deletions
    3. double underlining and strikethrough for relocated text.
  2. A Comparison toolbox has appeared on the screen—the toolbox itself or the Details panel can be collapsed by clicking the arrow, as shown in the example below.

Comparison toolbox

The toolbox gives you a range of options for displaying and navigating around comparisons—see our guide to using the comparison tools.


Last updated 2 September 2020 at 15:15