How do I use the comparison tools?


If you don't already have a generated comparison file, see our FAQ on how to run a comparison.


The comparison toolbox gives you a range of options for displaying and navigating around comparisons. Each of the toolbox buttons has hovertext to explain its purpose, as shown in the examples below.



There are two options for displaying the comparison—

  1. differences marked up inline (similar to Word track changes)—
    1. underlining for insertions
    2. strikethrough for deletions
    3. double underlining and strikethrough for relocated text.
  2. differences marked up with shading—
    1. green inserted text
    2. pink for deleted text.

You can use the toolbox to view the comparison as a single document or as two side-by-side documents with synchronised scrolling. The best approach is to experiment with the toolbox to find the style of display you prefer out of the four possibilities—

  • Inline single document


  • Shaded single document


  • Inline side-by-side documents


  • Shaded side-by-side documents.



There are three options for navigating between the differences in the comparison—

  1. Scroll through the document.
  2. Use the arrow buttons in the toolbox—first change, previous change, next change last change.
  3. Use the expanded Details panel in the toolbox—
    1. Display the list of text affected (omitted, inserted, etc.) by each identified difference between the two versions being compared.
    2. Use the Details panel scroll bar. Click the text in the panel item to navigate to that change—the click and the results are represented in the example below.



Last updated 2 September 2020 at 15:13