What are the top tips for using the new legislation website?

  1. Take a few minutes to look around the site and get a feel for the layout of the top-level menu and each landing page—some aspects are different to the former legislation website, but other aspects haven’t changed much at all.
  • You can simply ignore new features and functionality you don’t want to use.
  • If you only visit the website to see the latest version of an in force title, there is really very little change beyond clicking ‘In force’ on the main menu rather than ‘Browse’—same number of clicks, same amount of scrolling and same HTML (web page) view.
  1. You can still browse to find the legislation you want—we’ve just divided titles into separate In force and Repealed collections and added browse by year options.
  1. Hover with your mouse over buttons to read the hovertext that explains their function.
  1. Check out the FAQs on the Help page—the answer to your question may well be there but, if not, send us a feedback email.
  1. Customise your view to best suit you and the size of your device, for example—
  • You can hide the photo carousel on the Home page.
  • You can adjust the size of the text you see.
  • You can change the number of rows in Results tables—more rows may mean more scrolling, fewer rows may mean more clicking through pages (but also see item 6).
  • You can hide the Timeline—click the arrow on the Timeline button.
  • You can adjust the display of gazette links—blocks, rows or list.
  1. Be on the lookout for little features that help you locate the legislation you want more quickly, for example—
  • little arrows at the top of the Title, Year and No. columns in the Results tables to reverse sort the list
  • filter fields for the Results table to reduce the list.

For more information, see our FAQ What’s happened to the Browse tab?

  1. Try out new features and functionality, for example—
  • Timeline—for access to historical versions and for running comparisons
  • Table of versions—alternative to the Timeline for access to historical versions plus direct access to amendments consolidated in each version
  • Creation history—co-locates all the initial documents for a title (most especially helpful for Acts)
  • Contents pane in the HTML (web page) view—includes clause headings included in schedules.
  1. Keep up to date by regularly checking the Home page Noticeboard—new and enhanced features and functionality will be flagged there as we roll them out.


Last updated 2 September 2020 at 14:58