How do I access local government maps?

Local government maps are no longer accessible on this website. All Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) maps, including historic versions, are now available via the Environmental Planning Instruments page on the NSW Planning Portal.

To assist our users, we have redirection hyperlinks in place from this website to the Planning Portal for users wanting to access maps. If you click on an LEP or SEPP Maps button or the link to a map in legislative text, you will be redirected to the Planning Portal’s maps page for the relevant title or, in a small number of cases, to the landing page for Environmental Planning Instruments on the Planning Portal, from where you can easily navigate to the title you want. The Planning Portal page will open in a new window.

You will find redirection hyperlinks back to the legislation website from the Planning Portal maps pages if you need to return to the legislative text of the title (or you can just return to the legislation website window).

If you have set up your own favourites links for maps on our website, we encourage you to replace them with new links to the Planning Portal maps pages.

Last updated 1 May 2021 at 10:41