How do I access local government maps on this website?

Maps in zoomable PDF are available for standard-based environmental planning instruments (EPIs) in the In force collection. Most website browsers already support PDF viewing but you can also download the free viewer from Adobe Systems.

These instruments are drafted on the basis that significant planning content (such as land application, land use zoning, building heights, floor space ratios and heritage areas) will be displayed on maps rather than described in the text of the instrument.

How to find the maps

If maps are available for an EPI, a Maps button appears on the pale blue task bar for the title—click the button to open the map index, which has been designed to provide point-in-time functionality and has links to individual maps.


To view the maps in more detail, you can zoom in using one of these methods in the PDF viewer:

  1. Click on the - and + symbols to change the zoom level.
  2. Type/select a percentage in the zoom box.
  3. Right-click with your mouse and select the Zoom function.


To print the area of a PDF map where you have zoomed in, select Print from the File menu. Under Print Range/Pages to Print, select Current view. To print the entire map, set the Print Range to All.

If you have Adobe Acrobat Professional you have extra functions available on the Zoom menu bar or by right-clicking:

  1. Change the magnification options to Loupe—opens a magnified area of the map in a small window.
  2. Move the mouse around the main PDF screen—changes the portion of the map in the magnification window.
  3. Change the magnification option to Pan & Zoom Window—puts the main PDF document in a small window and the magnified area as the larger document.

Last updated 30 August 2020 at 14:31