What’s the best way to save links to this website?

The easiest way to save links to this website is to navigate to the page you want to link to and either copy the URL and paste it into a document or save it as a favourite in your browser. Links can be saved from either the Standard view or the Whole view for a title.

  • Saved links to the Home page and all main landing pages (accessed from the top and bottom banners e.g. In force, Bills, Notification, Gazette, Search, Help, Accessibility) will be stable.
  • To save a stable link to a specific In force or Repealed title, create the link to the status information (landing) page for that specific title.
    • These links will always go to the current version if the instrument is in force, or the last version if the instrument is repealed.
    • Links to specific provisions in an In force or Repealed title can be saved but be aware they may not remain stable (e.g. if the instrument is renumbered or restructured).
    • You may also like to set up RSS feeds  for specific titles so you receive alerts when new versions are published.
  • Be aware that saved links to specific Bills or as made versions will currently go to that specific version only i.e. you will not be able to link from the Bill or as made version to the subsequent Act or In force versions.
    • A future enhancement will provide functionality to provide broader access via the legislative history for the Bill or as made title.

Last updated 19 November 2020 at 09:30