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Legislation feeds

Legislation feeds are an easy way to keep up to date with legislative changes on this website without having to constantly visit the site. When changes to the website are made a legislation feed can notify you and give you a link to the new or changed content. Legislation feeds are also called RSS.

All you need is a feed reader. Most current web browsers have feed readers built in or have plug-ins available. You can also use web-based readers or dedicated software. The legislation feeds are identified by the standard web feed symbol and you can set up as many different web feeds from this website as you need.

Standard legislation feeds

The following standard feeds are available:

Custom feeds

You can make any of the following customised feeds:

  • from a search result on the In Force collection you can create a feed to receive updates when the results of the search change
  • from the Status Information page of an Act, statutory instrument or environmental planning instrument in the consolidated In Force collection, choose a feed to receive updates when that item of legislation is amended or updated
  • from a Bill information page, choose a feed to follow the progress of that particular Bill.

Viewing feeds

Legislation feeds can be viewed using your browser's built-in feed reader, a browser extension or an external feed reader.

The following are some common browsers:

Browser Built-in support Alternative
Internet Explorer Yes
Mozilla Firefox Yes
Safari 8 Yes
Google Chrome No You will need to use an extension such as RSS Feed Reader
Microsoft Edge No There are no extensions available yet. Use a standalone reader (see below)

You can also download an external feed reader or use a web/cloud based one. The following are the most popular feed readers:

Reader Link Features
Cloud-based Feedly Syncs across desktops and mobiles
Web-based Feedreader
Desktop-based RSSOwl

Further information