Royal Blind Society (Corporate Conversion) Act 2003 No 64

Effective date Publication date Amendments included Notes
01 July 2005 01 July 2005 2005 No 64
11 November 2003 11 November 2003

Royal Blind Society (Corporate Conversion) Act 2003 No 64

Assented to 11.11.2003.

Second reading speech made: Legislative Assembly, 17.10.2003; Legislative Council, 29.10.2003.

Date of commencement, assent, sec 2.

Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2005 No 64

Assented to 01.07.2005.

Date of commencement of Sch 3, assent, sec 2 (1).

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Secs 4, 16

Rep 2005 No 64, Sch 3.

Schs 1, 2

Rep 2005 No 64, Sch 3.

Royal Blind Society (Corporate Conversion) Bill 2003

More information on the passage of this Bill through Parliament, including links to the second reading speech and Legislation Review Committee report, is available via the Bills tab on the Parliament website.

Government Bill
Introduced LA: 17 October 2003 PDF icon Bill (and Explanatory note)

Passed LA: 28 October 2003
Introduced LC for concurrence: 29 October 2003
Passed by both Houses: 29 October 2003 PDF icon PBBH

Assent date: 11 November 2003 PDF icon 2003 No 64

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