Fisheries Management (Continuation of Activities in Lowland Darling River Catchment—Menindee Lakes) Interim Order 2004 (2003 SI 926)

I, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, in pursuance of section 221IG of the Fisheries Management Act 1994, make the following interim Order.
Dated, this 3rd day of December 2003.

IAN MICHAEL MACDONALD, M.L.C.,Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries
2   Commencement and duration
This interim Order:
(a)  takes effect on the date that it is published in the Gazette, and
(b)  ceases to have effect on 30 April 2004.
Under section 221II of the Fisheries Management Act 1994, orders made under section 221IA of the Act and interim orders made under section 221IG of the Act may be revoked by the Minister at any time by notification in the Gazette.
3   Continuation of existing activities
The extraction of water from the Menindee Lakes by or on behalf of the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation may continue for the duration of this Order.