Impounding Regulation 2003

1   Name of Regulation
This Regulation is the Impounding Regulation 2003.
2   Commencement
This Regulation commences on 1 September 2003.
This Regulation replaces the Impounding (General) Regulation 1998 which is repealed on 1 September 2003 by section 10 (2) of the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989.
3   Definition
In this Regulation:
the Act means the Impounding Act 1993.
4   Notes
Notes in the text of this Regulation do not form part of this Regulation.
5   Impounding authorities
For the purposes of the definition of impounding authority in the Dictionary to the Act, each authority specified in the Table to this clause is prescribed as an impounding authority for the place or classes of places so specified in relation to the authority.
Place or classes of place
Parramatta Park Trust
All land vested in the Trust
Parramatta Stadium Trust
All land vested in the Trust
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust
All land vested in the Trust
State Sports Centre Trust
All land vested in the Trust
State Transit Authority
All places in NSW that are under the control of the Authority
Sydney Ferries
All land vested in Sydney Ferries
Sydney Olympic Park Authority
All land vested in the Authority
cl 5: Am 2003 No 99, Sch 2.2.
6   Penalty notice offences: section 36
For the purposes of section 36 of the Act:
(a)  each offence created by a provision specified in Column 1 of Schedule 1 is a prescribed offence, and
(b)  the prescribed penalty for such an offence is the amount specified in Column 2 of Schedule 1.
7   Saving
Any act, matter or thing that, immediately before the repeal of the Impounding (General) Regulation 1998, had effect under that Regulation continues to have effect under this Regulation.
Schedule 1 Penalty notice offences
(Clause 6)
Column 1
Column 2
Section 32 (1) (article not being a motor vehicle)
Section 32 (1) (article being a motor vehicle)
Section 32 (2)