Regulatory Reform and Other Legislative Repeals Act 2015 No 48

An Act to repeal certain Acts for the purpose of regulatory reform; to repeal certain other Acts and instruments for the purpose of statute law revision; and to make certain savings.
2   Commencement
(1)  This Act commences on the date of assent to this Act, except as otherwise provided by this section.
(2)  Section 3 (g) and (q)–(s) and Schedules 1, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4 [1] and 2.5–2.7 commence on a day or days to be appointed by proclamation.
3–5   (Repealed)
ss 3–5: Rep 1987 No 15, sec 30C.
schs 1–3: Rep 1987 No 15, sec 30C.
Schedules 1–3 (Repealed)
Schedule 4 General savings, transitional and other provisions
1   Effect of amendment on instruments
Except where expressly provided to the contrary, any instrument made under an Act amended by this Act, that is in force immediately before the commencement of the amendment, is taken to have been made under the Act as amended.
2   Revocation of repeal
Section 29A of the Interpretation Act 1987 applies to the repeal of Acts or instruments, or provisions of Acts or instruments, by this Act.
3   Regulations
(1)  The Governor may make regulations containing provisions of a savings or transitional nature consequent on the enactment of this Act.
(2)  Any such provision may, if the regulations so provide, take effect from the date of assent to this Act or a later date.
(3)  To the extent to which any such provision takes effect from a date that is earlier than the date of its publication on the NSW legislation website, the provision does not operate so as:
(a)  to affect, in a manner prejudicial to any person (other than the State or an authority of the State), the rights of that person existing before the date of its publication, or
(b)  to impose liabilities on any person (other than the State or an authority of the State) in respect of anything done or omitted to be done before the date of its publication.