Security Industry Amendment (Licences) Act 2013 No 68

An Act to amend the Security Industry Act 1997 and the Firearms Act 1996 to make further provision with respect to licensing; and for related purposes.
1   Name of Act
This Act is the Security Industry Amendment (Licences) Act 2013.
2   Commencement
This Act commences on a day or days to be appointed by proclamation.
Schedule 1 Amendment of Security Industry Act 1997 No 157
[1]   Section 14 Application for licence
Omit section 14 (2). Insert instead:
(2)  An application must be in the approved form and:
(a)  be accompanied by the fee prescribed by the regulations, and
(b)  be supported by such information and particulars as may be prescribed by the regulations.
[2]   Section 15 Restrictions on granting licence—general suitability criteria
Insert “, or holds a visa that entitles the applicant to work in Australia (other than a student visa or a working holiday visa)” after “resident” in section 15 (1) (f).
[3]   Section 15 (8)
Insert after section 15 (7):
(8)  In this section:
student visa means a student visa issued under the Migration Act 1958 of the Commonwealth.
working holiday visa means a working holiday visa or a work and holiday visa issued under the Migration Act 1958 of the Commonwealth.
[4]   Sections 35 (2) and 36 (3)
Insert “or become illegible” after “mutilated” wherever occurring.
[5]   Section 48 Regulations
Omit section 48 (2) (e) (ii) and (iii).
[6]   Section 48 (2) (e1)
Insert after section 48 (2) (e):
(e1)  the making of determinations (including by the Commissioner) in relation to:
(i)  the wearing by licensees of uniforms and the character or design of any uniforms so worn, or
(ii)  the markings that may be made on, and the design of any features of, a vehicle used by any person in or in connection with the carrying on of any security activity,
[7]   Schedule 2 Savings and transitional provisions
Insert at the end of clause 1 (1):
any Act that amends this Act
Schedule 2 Amendment of Firearms Act 1996 No 46
Section 16C Provisional pistol (business/employment) licences
Insert “(as determined in accordance with the regulations)” after “direct supervision” in section 16C (2) (d).