Independent Commission Against Corruption Amendment (Operations Review Committee) Act 2006 No 29

An Act to amend the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 to abolish the Operations Review Committee.
2   Commencement
This Act commences on the date of assent.
4   Repeal of Act
(1)  This Act is repealed on the day following the date of assent.
(2)  The repeal of this Act does not, because of the operation of section 30 of the Interpretation Act 1987, affect any amendment made by this Act.
Schedule 1 Amendments
(Section 3)
[1]   Section 20 Investigations generally
Omit section 20 (4).
[2]   Part 6 Operations Review Committee
Omit the Part.
[3]   Section 111 Secrecy
Omit section 111 (1) (c).
[4]   Schedule 2 Provisions applying to appointed members of Operations Review Committee
Omit the Schedule.
[5]   Schedule 4 Savings, transitional and other provisions
Insert at the end of the Schedule:
17   Abolition of Committee
(1)  The Operations Review Committee is abolished.
(2)  A person who ceases to hold office as a member of the Operations Review Committee because of its abolition is not entitled to any remuneration or compensation because of the loss of that office.
18   Existing complaints and other matters
Despite the Interpretation Act 1987 or any other law, the Operations Review Committee does not continue in existence to provide advice with respect to:
(a)  the investigation of any complaint, or
(b)  any other matter referred to the Committee by the Commissioner,
because the complaint was made, or the matter was referred, before the repeal of Part 6 of this Act by the amending Act.
19   Secrecy
Despite the repeal of section 111 (1) (c) by the amending Act, section 111 continues to apply to and in respect of a person who was a member of the Operations Review Committee as if that paragraph had not been repealed.