Stock Diseases Amendment (False Information) Act 2004 No 20

An Act to amend the Stock Diseases Act 1923 with respect to providing false or misleading information in relation to stock.
2   Commencement
This Act commences on a day to be appointed by proclamation.
3   Amendment of Stock Diseases Act 1923 No 34
The Stock Diseases Act 1923 is amended as set out in Schedule 1.
Schedule 1 Amendments
(Section 3)
[1]   Section 20J Providing false or misleading information
Omit “100 penalty units” from section 20J (2).
Insert instead “200 penalty units”.
[2]   Section 20J (2A)
Insert after section 20J (2):
(2A)  A person must not, in or in connection with an arrangement or agreement or proposed arrangement or agreement for the agistment of stock or for the use of land for grazing of stock (including any lease or proposed lease of land for grazing of stock), make a statement or provide information in relation to:
(a)  the presence or absence of infection in stock, carcasses or land, or
(b)  any matter relevant to an assessment of the likelihood of the exposure of stock to infection, or
(c)  any other matter prescribed by the regulations,
that is false or misleading in a material particular.
Maximum penalty: 200 penalty units.