St. Andrew’s Church of England, Mayfield, Cemetery Act 1957 No 39

An Act to authorise the use of St. Andrew’s Church of England Cemetery at Mayfield for purposes other than a cemetery; and for purposes connected therewith.
1   Name of Act
This Act may be cited as the St. Andrew’s Church of England, Mayfield, Cemetery Act 1957.
2   Use of cemetery for other purposes
(1)  It shall be lawful for the Trustees of Church Property for the Diocese of Newcastle (hereinafter referred to as “the Trustees”) or such persons as may be authorised by the Trustees to use the land described in the Schedule to this Act for the purposes of erecting and maintaining a hall, suitable monument and columbarium thereon and such other purposes of the Church of England as the Trustees may determine notwithstanding:
(a)  that the said land comprises a cemetery, and
(b)  any trusts, conditions, encumbrances or dedications affecting the said land immediately before the commencement of this Act.
(2)  Before any use is made of the said land pursuant to subsection one of this section, the Trustees or the persons authorised as aforesaid shall:
(a)  compile a register of the names of and other relevant information in respect of persons buried in the said land, so far as such names and information can be obtained, and deposit and maintain such register at the Diocesan Registry, Diocese of Newcastle, so as to be available for inspection by any interested person from time to time.
(b)    (Repealed)
(3)–(5)    (Repealed)
s 2: Am 1976 No 63, Sch 1.
3   (Repealed)
s 3: Rep 1976 No 63, Sch 1.
(Section 2 (1))
ALL THAT piece or parcel of land containing an area of 1 acre 25 perches more or less situate at Mayfield in the parish of Newcastle county Northumberland being part of portion 126 of 42 acres 3 roods 25 perches and being also part of the land in Conveyance No 80 Book 69 dated 10th August, 1860 Commencing at a point on the Northern boundary of lot 19 in the Charlestown Subdivision bearing Easterly about 120 feet from Church Street and bounded thence on the West by a line bearing Northerly about 146 feet on the North by a line bearing Easterly about 345 feet on the East by part of the West boundary of portion 127 of 36 acres 20 perches bearing Southerly about 146 feet and thence on the South by part of the Northern boundary of lot 19 aforesaid bearing Westerly about 345 feet to the point of commencement subject to Grant of Easement contained in Conveyance Registered Book 1339 No 423 dated 18th March, 1924 to The Council of the Municipality of Waratah for, inter alia, maintenance of a section of a storm water channel or drain.