Sandy Hollow, via Gulgong, to Maryvale Railway Act 1927 No 28

An Act to sanction the construction of a line of railway from Sandy Hollow, via Gulgong, to Maryvale; to amend the Public Works Act 1912; and for purposes connected therewith.
1   Name of Act
This Act may be cited as the Sandy Hollow, via Gulgong, to Maryvale Railway Act 1927.
2   Work sanctioned
The carrying out of the work described in the Schedule to this Act is hereby sanctioned.
3   The plan
The plan of the said work is the plan marked “N.S.W. Railways, Sandy Hollow, via Gulgong, to Maryvale Schedule Plan” signed by the Railway Commissioners for New South Wales and countersigned by the Chief Engineer for Railway and Tramway Construction, and deposited in the public office of the said Railway Commissioners.
4   Cost
The cost of carrying out the said work (exclusive of land resumptions) is estimated at one million three hundred and fifty-three thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine pounds, and such estimated cost shall not, under any circumstances, be exceeded by more than ten per centum.
5   Line may be constructed on road
The said line of railway may be constructed on or along or by the side of any road or highway.
6   Fencing
Notwithstanding the provisions of section ninety-one of the Public Works Act 1912 the Constructing Authority shall not be compelled, nor shall it be the duty of the said Authority to make or maintain any fence along the said line of railway for the accommodation of any person or for any purpose whatsoever; but the said Authority may, in its discretion, make and maintain such fences in connection with the said line of railway as it may think fit.
7   Amendment of Act No 45, 1912, sec 151
For the purposes of this Act but not otherwise, the Public Works Act 1912 as amended by subsequent Acts, shall be amended as follows, that is to say:
(a)  by omitting from subsection one of section one hundred and fifty-one the words “before commencing such work”,
(b)  by omitting from subsection five of the same section the words “forty days before” and by inserting in lieu thereof the words “either before or at any time after”,
(c)  by inserting at the end of the same section the following new subsection:
(6)  Where the Minister has on the recommendation of the Railway Commissioners for New South Wales as Constructing Authority directed that the construction of a railway shall be undertaken in parts or sections the provisions of subsections one to five both inclusive of this section shall apply to and in respect of the construction of each part or section of such railway as if it were a separate authorised work.
Publication of a map or plan and book of reference for a part or section of a railway shall be conclusive evidence that the same has been prepared and published pursuant to a direction of the Minister under this subsection.
s 7: Ins 1940 No 1, sec 2 (1).
THIS railway connecting the northern and western railway systems commences at 206½ miles from Sydney and at the western end of Sandy Hollow Station on the Muswellbrook to Merriwa Branch from the Great Northern Railway, and it proceeds generally westerly across Goulburn River and in close proximity to the right or southern side of that river to 260 miles and past the villages of Baerami and Bylong, where a southerly bearing is taken to 265 miles; thence the line bears westerly past the village of Wollar and up Wilpinjong Creek, also past the village of Ulan and across Murragamba Creek and the Main Dividing Range; thence a south-westerly direction is taken to a point about 16 chains north of Gulgong Station on the branch line from Wallerawang to Coonabarrabran; thence a portion of that railway is followed for about 2¾ miles north-westerly to the northern side of Wyaldra Creek, where a westerly direction is taken across Puggoon Creek and through the gap in the range dividing the waters of the Cudgegong and Talbragar Rivers and across Sandy Creek: thence a generally south-westerly bearing takes the line down Bungiebomar Creek and across Spicer’s Creek close to their confluence and over the range between the latter creek and Mitchell’s Creek, across that creek to the terminus at 355 miles 48 chains from Sydney, being a point on the Great Western Railway at 263½ miles from Sydney and about 1½ miles from the northern end of Maryvale Station, being a total distance of 146½ miles, exclusive of the portion of the Wallerawang to Coonabarrabran railway aforesaid, and is subject to such deviations and modifications as may be considered desirable by the Constructing Authority.