Rand to Bull Plain Railway Act 1924 No 60

An Act to sanction the construction of a line of railway from Rand to Bull Plain; and for purposes connected therewith.
1   Name of Act
This Act may be cited as the Rand to Bull Plain Railway Act 1924.
2   Work sanctioned
The carrying out of the work described in the Schedule to this Act is hereby sanctioned.
3   The plan
The plan of the said work is the plan marked “N.S.W. Railways, Rand to Bull Plain, Schedule Plan”, signed by the Railway Commissioners for New South Wales and countersigned by the Chief Engineer for Railway and Tramway Construction, and deposited in the public office of the said Railway Commissioners.
4   Cost
The cost of carrying out the said work (exclusive of land resumptions) is estimated at one hundred and seventy-five thousand nine hundred and thirty-three pounds, and such estimated cost shall not, under any circumstances, be exceeded by more than ten per centum.
5   Work may be constructed on road
The said work may be constructed on or along or by the side of any road or highway.
Schedule Rand to Bull Plain
THIS line commences at the southern end of Rand Station on the northern bank of Billabong Creek at 393 miles 56 chains from Sydney; it immediately crosses that creek and proceeds in a south-westerly direction, and crosses Fighting Harry Creek at 397 miles 40 chains; the Daysdale-Walbundrie road is crossed at 401 miles 20 chains, about 2 miles beyond which Coreen Hill is passed, and on the north the Daysdale-Carowa road and stock route are crossed at 410 miles, Daysdale being distant by that road 4 miles 60 chains; Twelve-mile Creek is crossed at 412 miles, and the line terminates near Bull Plain and about 6 miles south-easterly from Savanake and about 5 miles north-westerly from Ringwood at 421 miles 20 chains from Sydney; and is subject to such deviations and modifications as may be considered desirable by the Constructing Authority.