Wyalong towards Condobolin Railway Act 1923 No 47

An Act to sanction the construction of a line of railway from Wyalong towards Condobolin; to amend the Public Works Act 1912; and for purposes connected therewith.
1   Name of Act
This Act may be cited as the Wyalong towards Condobolin Railway Act 1923.
2   Work sanctioned
The carrying out of the work described in the Schedule to this Act is hereby sanctioned.
3   The plan
The plan of the said work is the plan marked “N.S.W. Railways, Wyalong towards Condobolin”, signed by the Railway Commissioners for New South Wales, and countersigned by the Chief Engineer for Railway and Tramway Construction, and deposited in the public office of the said Railway Commissioners.
4   Cost
The cost of carrying out the said work (exclusive of land resumptions) is estimated at one hundred and fifty-eight thousand four hundred pounds, and such estimated cost shall not, under any circumstances, be exceeded by more than ten per centum.
5   Line may be constructed on road
The said line of railway may be constructed on or along or by the side of any road or highway.
6   Fencing
Notwithstanding the provisions of section ninety-one of the Public Works Act 1912, the Constructing Authority shall not be compelled, nor shall it be the duty of the said Authority to make or maintain any fence along the said line of railway for the accommodation of any person or for any purpose whatsoever; but the said Authority may, in its discretion, make and maintain such fences in connection with the said line of railway as it may think fit.
THIS railway commences at the western end of the West Wyalong Station at 346 miles 20 chains from Sydney, and proceeds in a north-easterly direction for about 15 miles and passes west of White Tank; thence it runs northerly, crosses Sandy Creek, and passes about 2 miles east of Billy’s Look Out near where the line crosses Billy’s Look Out Creek at 365 miles; thence it curves north-westerly and proceeds approximately parallel to and about 4 miles distant from the western shore of Lake Cowal, where it ends at 379 miles 20 chains from Sydney, being a total distance of 33 miles, and subject to such deviations and modifications as may be considered desirable by the Constructing Authority.