Commercial Vessels (Hire and Drive) Regulation 1986 No 260 (1987 SI 260)

Effective date Publication date Amendments included Notes
28 July 1995 28 July 1995 1995 (SI 312)

Editorial note—

*The regulation (statutory rule) appointed 1 July 1995 as the date of its commencement. Pursuant to section 39 (2A) of the Interpretation Act 1987, the regulation is not invalid merely because the regulation was published in the Gazette after the day on which one or more of its provisions is or are expressed to take effect, but provides, in that case, for that or those provisions to take effect from the day on which the regulation is published in the Gazette, instead of from the earlier day.

Commercial Vessels (Hire and Drive) Regulation 1986 (1987 SI 260)

notfd gaz 26.06.1987 Gazette No 109 p 3311

Amended in Gazette No 92 of 28.7.1995, p 3867*..

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Cl 16

Ins 28.7.1995.

The whole Regulation

Am 28.7.1995 (“Board” omitted wherever occurring, “Minister” inserted instead).

Commercial Vessels (Hire and Drive) Regulation 1986

Publication: 26 June 1987 PDF icon 1987 (SI 260)