What’s happened to the Browse tab?

We've replaced a single Browse page containing links to both current and repealed legislation with two new pages—In force and Repealed.


Once you've clicked onto either of those pages, you can browse for the link you want in the same way as on the old legislation website.

Tips for navigating to a browse-by-alphabet title

After clicking on a letter, there are a couple of ways to find a title more quickly.

  1. If the title you want is close to the bottom of the alphabetical list, reverse-sort the list using the arrow in the Title field.
  2. Use the Filter field to start typing the short title.

3. Use the third filter field to limit the Results display to principal or amending titles only (default is all titles). Your selection will ‘stick’ until you change it.

Tips for navigating to a browse-by-# title

To improve navigation to legislation we’ve recently added a browse-by-# option. Clicking on the # button will display titles beginning with a non-alphabetical character.

Sorting by name on results containing a mix of titles will present titles beginning with non-alphabetical characters before alphabetical titles.

Browse by year

To give users more flexibility in navigating to legislation, we’ve also introduced  browse-by-year options in addition to the long-standing browse-by-alphabet options.


Examples where browse by year may be useful—

1.   Finding the most recent Acts assented to, or statutory instruments or EPIs to be notified—

  • Go to the As made page.
  • Select the year in the required collection.
  • Sort by reverse chronological order.
  • See the most recent titles at the top of the list.

2. Finding all the Bills introduced in a particular year


3. Finding a title for which you know the year but may not be sure of the exact short title

4. Finding a title where the list by year is shorter than the alphabetical list.


Last updated 8 April 2024 at 13:25