How do I find historical versions of a title?

You can find a historical version of an in force or repealed title as at a specific date in two ways—

  1. using the timeline display of point-in-time versions
  2. using the table of versions in the legislative history.


  • The timeline on the status information page shows each point-in-time version as a node with the effective date appearing above—the blue radio button shows the version you’re currently viewing, as circled in red below.
    • When you hover over a node, the hovertext shows the date range for that version.
  • View any version by clicking on the node corresponding to the date you want or enter the date in the date field under the timeline and click Go, as circled in green in the example below.
    • If you are viewing a provision when you click the node for a different version of the title, the selected version will open at the same provision.

Legislative history

  • On the status information page, click the Legislative history button, as shown below.
  • Expand the table of versions at the top of the page by clicking the arrow, as circled in red in the example below.
  • View any version by clicking on the corresponding date-link in the Effective date column, as circled in green in the example below.
  • View the legislation containing the amendments consolidated in that version by clicking on the link in the Amendments included column, as circled in purple in the example below.


Last updated 29 April 2021 at 14:20