New South Wales Government

Official notification of the making of statutory instruments and other legislative events

Week beginning 10 October 2011

(Last updated 14 October 2011 at 10:42)

1 NSW statutory instruments published on the NSW legislation website

Proclamations commencing Acts

Courts and Other Legislation Further Amendment Act 2011 No 38 (2011-543) — published LW 14 October 2011

Regulations and other statutory instruments

Marine Safety (Commercial Vessels) Exemption Order 2011 (2011-544) — published LW 14 October 2011

Environmental Planning Instruments

Bathurst Regional (Interim) Local Environmental Plan 2005 (Amendment No 6) (2011-545) — published LW 14 October 2011
Fairfield Local Environmental Plan 1994 (Amendment No 127) (2011-546) — published LW 14 October 2011
Great Lakes Local Environmental Plan 1996 (Amendment No 46) (2011-547) — published LW 14 October 2011
North Sydney Local Environmental Plan 2001 (Amendment No 48) (2011-548) — published LW 14 October 2011

For maps to EPIs that adopt or follow the standard instrument, see the relevant principal instrument in Browse In Force or Search In Force on NSW Legislation.

2 NSW miscellaneous statutory instruments published in the Gazette

Notice of Determination under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995 (2011-549) — published Gazette No 99 of 14 October 2011, page 5978

For other government instruments and notices see the Gazette.

3 Legislative events relating to NSW

Consultation or Exposure Bills


Bills introduced etc


Aboriginal Land Rights Amendment (Housing) Bill 2011
Home Building Amendment Bill 2011
Industrial Relations Amendment (Non-operative Awards) Bill 2011
Local Government Amendment Bill 2011
Plumbing and Drainage Bill 2011
Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Bill 2011
Sporting Venues Authorities Amendment (Venues NSW) Bill 2011
Technical and Further Education Commission Amendment (Staff Employment) Bill 2011
Thoroughbred Racing Amendment Bill 2011
Universities Governing Bodies Bill 2011



Bills revised following amendment in Committee

Local Government Amendment (Roadside Vehicle Sales) Bill 2011

Bills passed by both Houses of Parliament

Thoroughbred Racing Amendment Bill 2011

Acts assented to


For the full text of Bills, and details on the passage of Bills, see the Bills tab on the NSW Parliament website.

Other events

NSW Bills (including Explanatory notes and Consultation drafts) are now available on the NSW legislation website. This is a collection of Bills at all stages of the Parliamentary process (eg First Print, Second Print, Passed by both Houses), of Explanatory notes for Bills as introduced into Parliament and of Consultation drafts of Bills publicly released before introduction. The collection includes all Bills introduced from 2007 onwards. These are static PDF documents and form a permanent archive.

This material will be constantly updated and the addition of new Bills, and updates to Bill information and PDF versions, will usually be completed within 3 days of the relevant Parliamentary event.