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The caretaker period for the 2023 NSW general election commenced on 3 March 2023.

The notification of legislative instruments is limited during the caretaker period. Before submitting an instrument for notification or gazettal during the caretaker period, please ensure you consult the 2023 State Election caretaker conventions published by the Department of Premier and Cabinet and obtain all necessary advice and approvals.

If you have questions about notification or gazettal arrangements during the caretaker period, please email the team at or, respectively.

We have archived the special website page for NSW COVID-19 legislation. On this page you can still find links to—

  • Public health orders, including current and historical versions
  • Environmental planning orders
  • Acts of Parliament
  • Regulations.

Information about the COVID-19 pandemic generally is available at the following links—

  • Inline history notes—you can now use the Turn history notes on/off button for In force and Repealed titles to display details of the history of change at the provision level 'inline' under the relevant provision.
  • Breadcrumbs for search hits located in schedules—to make it easier to locate a search hit in the context of the whole title, breadcrumbs are now displayed in the same way (above the timeline) as search hits in the body of a title.
  • Export functionality—the Export link on the right of the screen above the dark blue task bar facilitates downloading XML files, including bulk downloads, for the In force and Repealed collections on the website. (Click the blue Help ? button on the Export page for more information.)
  • Search page point-in-time button—by clicking the enable/disable point-in-time buttons on the website Search page, you can now decide if you want your search to return results as at a particular point-in-time date (default is the date you’re searching) or return results for all relevant versions of titles with no selected point-in time date. (Note that your selection sticks for all subsequent searches until you change it again.)
  • My favourites—the My favourites page (link on the main dark blue task bar) explains how you can save time navigating around the website by setting up your own favourites list of up to 10 of the titles you need to access regularly.
  • Resizing the Contents pane—you can now drag the Contents pane to your preferred width and have it stick at that width until you change it again.
  • Most popular titles list—this list will now be a permanent feature at the top of our Noticeboard and will be updated weekly with the titles most frequently accessed by our users each week.
  • Timeline enhancement—the timeline functionality for linking to other versions of a title now ‘remembers’ the provision being viewed and opens the selected version at the same provision.

It’s been a long wait but inline history notes (legislative annotations) functionality is now available on our website for the In force and Repealed collections.

Please see our FAQ for more detail about inline history notes functionality, including printing.

Inline history notes are generated automatically and, while we've undertaken extensive checking to ensure they’re located logically in the context of a title, it’s not possible to scrutinise in detail every title across the In force and Repealed collections. Titles that have unusual structure, such as the Supreme Court Rules 1970, have proved particularly challenging so, at this stage, inline history notes for that title will not be available on the website, but we continue to work on refining them.

Please let us know via a Feedback email if you see history notes you think are in the wrong location.

We have recently completed a major backcapture project to scan a large amount of hard copy material held in our library’s collection. Unfortunately, we are not resourced at this time to upload this scanned material to the website for direct user access but we are happy to help with user enquiries and email backcaptured material we have saved on our network.

A full list of material in our backcaptured collection and details of how to contact us with an enquiry is available on the Historical information page.