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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 10 April 2020 at 07:15)
Part 9 Division 2 Clause 121
121   Ministerial approval not required for certain works
(1)  A water supply authority is exempt from the requirement for the Minister’s approval under section 292(1)(a) of the Act except for the purposes of any of the following works—
(a)  dams for the impounding or diversion of water for public use, including any associated works,
(b)  dams that are, or when completed will be, prescribed dams for the purposes of the Dams Safety Act 1978 or declared dams under the Dams Safety Act 2015,
(c)  water treatment works,
(d)  sewage works, including works for the treatment of raw sewage, effluent or biosolids and works for the discharge of raw sewage, effluent or biosolids from sewage works.
(2)  For those works for which an approval referred to in subclause (1) is required, approval may be given only if—
(a)  all information that the Minister has required to be supplied, and all relevant documentation, has been furnished, and
(b)  the Minister is satisfied that—
(i)  all inspections of the proposed works, and of the site of the proposed works, that the Minister has required to be carried out for the purpose of obtaining the approval have been carried out, and
(ii)  the water supply authority is competent to construct, maintain and operate the proposed works.
(3)  The relevant documentation referred to in subclause (2)(a) comprises—
(a)  the plans and specifications of the proposed works, and all other documents and data relating to the proposed works that are in the possession of the water supply authority, and
(b)  such other documents as are necessary to satisfy the Minister of the matters referred to in subclause (2)(b).
(4)  An approval referred to in subclause (1) may be revoked if the Minister is satisfied that the water supply authority has failed—
(a)  to comply with any requirement to furnish information or documentation, or
(b)  to comply with any direction given by the Minister, or
(c)  to accept any supervision that the Minister has required,
with respect to the construction, maintenance or operation of the works to which the approval relates.