Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 14 August 2020 at 13:11)
Part 5 Division 6
Division 6 Rolls
Subdivision 1 Preparation and exhibition of preliminary roll
67   Preparation of preliminary roll
(1)  The returning officer for an election must prepare and keep—
(a)  a preliminary roll of the persons who, in the opinion of the returning officer, are eligible to vote in the election, and
(b)  an appropriately addressed label or an appropriately addressed envelope for each person whose name is included in that roll.
(2)  The preliminary roll—
(a)  must contain the names and last known addresses of each sole owner of land within the district, and
(b)  if there is more than one owner of any such land—must contain the name and last known address of any one of them who was, by notice in writing given to the returning officer, last nominated for the purposes of this paragraph by all the owners of the land, and
(c)  must describe the area of land held by each, and
(d)  must contain the number of votes to which each is entitled, and
(e)  must be certified by the returning officer in accordance with Form 1.
(3)  This clause does not apply to an election held as a consequence of an earlier election that has failed if a preliminary roll for the earlier election has already been prepared by the returning officer.
68   Exhibition of preliminary roll
The returning officer must cause copies of the preliminary roll to be exhibited for public inspection—
(a)  at the places where applications for enrolment and objections against enrolment may be lodged, and
(b)  for a period of at least 14 days.
Subdivision 2 Preparation of final roll
69   Applications for enrolment by persons not already enrolled
(1)  A person whose name does not appear on the preliminary roll for an election may apply for enrolment in the final roll for the election.
(2)  The application must be in Form 2 and must be lodged with the returning officer before the close of enrolments.
(3)  On receipt of the application, the returning officer—
(a)  if satisfied that the applicant is entitled to vote, must accept the application and enter the name and address of the applicant in the final roll, or
(b)  if not so satisfied, must reject the application and inform the applicant in writing that the application has been rejected, or
(c)  if the application is not in the proper form or is incomplete, must return the application for correction or completion and consider the duly corrected or completed application in accordance with this clause.
70   Objections to enrolment
(1)  Before the close of enrolments, the returning officer and any person who is entitled to vote in an election may object to the inclusion of the name of any person in the final roll.
(2)  An objection—
(a)  must be in Form 3, and
(b)  must state the grounds on which it is made, and
(c)  must be signed by the objector, and
(d)  must be lodged with the returning officer.
(3)  The returning officer must send particulars of an objection to the person to whom the objection relates.
(4)  The person to whom an objection relates may lodge a written reply with the returning officer within 14 days after the date on which particulars of the objection were sent to that person.
(5)  The returning officer must consider each objection, and any reply received within that 14-day period, and may make such inquiries as the returning officer thinks fit.
(6)  The returning officer may accept or reject an objection.
(7)  If the returning officer accepts an objection, the returning officer must exclude from the final roll for the election the name of the person to whom the objection relates and must inform that person and the objector, in writing, that the person’s name is so excluded.
(8)  If the returning officer rejects an objection, the returning officer must notify the person to whom the objection relates and the objector, in writing, that the returning officer has rejected the objection.
(9)  The returning officer may require a person who lodges an objection, or who replies to an objection, to verify the objection or reply by statutory declaration.
(10)  For the purpose of enabling the returning officer to make a decision to accept or reject an objection to the inclusion of the name of a person in the final roll, the returning officer may require a person to furnish the returning officer with such information regarding the person objected to as the returning officer may specify.
71   Postponement of ballot not to affect final roll
The validity of the final roll for an election is not affected by the postponement of the close of the ballot by a notice published after the close of exhibition of the roll, and the roll remains the final roll for the election.