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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 5 April 2020 at 17:24)
Part 5 Division 10
Division 10 The ballot
81   Printing of ballot-papers
(1)  As soon as practicable after the close of enrolments in an election, the returning officer—
(a)  must determine the order in which the candidates’ names are to be listed on a ballot-paper by means of a lot, and
(b)  must cause sufficient ballot-papers to be printed to enable a ballot-paper to be sent to each person included in the final roll for the election.
(2)  A ballot-paper for an election must contain—
(a)  the names of the candidates arranged in the order determined in accordance with subclause (1)(a), with a small square set opposite each name, and
(b)  if the returning officer considers that the names of 2 or more of the candidates are so similar as to cause confusion, such other matter as the returning officer considers will distinguish between the candidates, and
(c)  such directions as to the manner in which a vote is to be recorded and returned to the returning officer as the returning officer considers appropriate.
(3)  The directions to voters must include a direction that the voter must record a vote by placing a cross in the square set opposite the name of each candidate for whom he or she votes.
82   Distribution of ballot-papers
As soon as practicable after the printing of the ballot-papers for an election, the returning officer must send to each person included in the final roll for the election—
(a)  a ballot-paper that is initialled by the returning officer, and
(b)  an unsealed envelope (the voter’s envelope) addressed to the returning officer and bearing on the back the words “NAME AND ADDRESS OF VOTER” and “SIGNATURE OF VOTER”, together with appropriate spaces for the insertion of a name, address and signature, and
(c)  another unsealed envelope (the posting envelope) that—
(i)  is large enough to accommodate the voter’s envelope if that envelope is folded, and
(ii)  is addressed to the returning officer, and
(iii)  is reply-paid.
83   Duplicate ballot-papers
(1)  At any time before the close of the ballot, the returning officer may issue to a voter a duplicate ballot-paper and envelope if the voter satisfies the returning officer by statutory declaration—
(a)  that the original ballot-paper has been spoilt, lost or destroyed, and
(b)  that the voter has not already voted in the election to which the ballot-paper relates.
(2)  The returning officer must maintain a record of all duplicate ballot-papers issued under this clause.
84   Recording of votes
In order to vote in an election, a person—
(a)  must record a vote on the ballot-paper in accordance with the directions shown on it, and
(b)  must vote for no more than the number of persons to be elected, and
(c)  must place the completed ballot-paper (folded so that the vote cannot be seen) in the voter’s envelope, and
(d)  must seal the voter’s envelope, and
(e)  must complete the person’s full name and address on, and must sign, the back of the voter’s envelope, and
(f)  must seal the voter’s envelope in the posting envelope, and
(g)  must return the envelopes to the returning officer so as to be received before the close of the ballot.