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Contents (2016 - 58)
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Crown Land Management Act 2016 No 58
Current version for 1 July 2019 to date (accessed 29 February 2020 at 12:41)
Part 9 Division 9.3 Section 9.8
9.8   Claims concerning authorisation for structure or material
(1)  The Minister may cause a claim notice to be:
(a)  displayed on or adjacent to a structure or material on Crown land that the Minister considers might be an unauthorised structure or material, or
(b)  published in a local newspaper or any other newspaper (if any) as the Minister may determine.
(2)  A claim notice must state that any of the following persons may give the Minister a written claim statement concerning the structure or material:
(a)  a person who claims to have authority to erect, maintain or use the structure or material (or any part of the structure or material),
(b)  a person who claims any interest in the structure or material.
(3)  A written claim statement must:
(a)  be signed by the person who makes it, and
(b)  state the basis for the person’s authority:
(i)  to erect, maintain or use the structure (or part of the structure) or to bring in or use the material concerned, or
(ii)  to claim an interest in the structure or material.
(4)  Despite any other Act or law, a person cannot make a claim against the Minister or another person concerning a removal under this Division unless:
(a)  the person has given the Minister a duly completed written claim statement, and
(b)  the statement is given within one month after the display or publication of the claim notice for the structure or material.