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Contents (2016 - 58)
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Crown Land Management Act 2016 No 58
Current version for 1 July 2019 to date (accessed 29 February 2020 at 11:56)
Part 3 Division 3.6 Section 3.36
3.36   Adoption of plan of management
(1)  The Minister may adopt a plan of management for dedicated or reserved Crown land without alteration or with any alterations that the Minister thinks fit.
(2)  If community engagement was required to be undertaken on the draft plan of management, the Minister cannot adopt a plan of management that provides for the dedicated or reserved Crown land to be used for purposes in addition to the purposes for which it is currently dedicated or reserved unless the Minister is satisfied that:
(a)  the additional purposes were in the draft plan when the community engagement was undertaken, or
(b)  the additional purposes were altered from those in the draft plan following representations made during the community engagement.
(3)  If a plan of management is adopted:
(a)  the applicable Crown land manager concerned must carry out and give effect to it, and
(b)  no activities may be undertaken on or in relation to the dedicated or reserved Crown land to which it relates unless they are in accordance with the plan, and
(c)  the applicable Crown land manager must ensure that all leases or licences over the dedicated or reserved Crown land that the manager grants include a provision that requires their holders to comply with the requirements of any plan of management in force for the land from time to time that are relevant to the holders’ use or occupation of the land.