Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57
Current version for 1 December 2018 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:08)
Part 3 Section 10
10   Nature of vesting
(1)  Lands vested in the Authority by this Part are vested subject to any trusts, obligations, estates, interests, charges and rates existing in respect of them immediately before the lands were vested in the Authority, except as provided by this Act.
(2)  This Part does not operate to vest in the Authority any pipeline or cable, or any apparatus used in connection with any pipeline or cable, that:
(a)  was situated on or in any part of the principal trust lands within the meaning of the Bicentennial Park Trust Act 1987 immediately before they were vested in the Authority, and
(b)  was laid or constructed by or on behalf of the Australian Gas Light Company, the Electricity Commission of New South Wales, the Metropolitan Water Sewerage and Drainage Board, the Sydney County Council or C.S.R. Chemicals Limited.
(3)  However, the encumbrances that are highlighted in orange in the list of encumbrances specified on the map marked “Sydney Olympic Park Authority, Redundant Encumbrances, Drawing number HS-J-L-007” dated 29 May 2001, deposited in the office of the Authority, are extinguished by this section.