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Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014
Current version for 28 February 2020 to date (accessed 10 April 2020 at 07:25)
Part 1
Part 1 Preliminary
1.1   Name of Plan
This Plan is Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2014.
1.1AA   Commencement
This Plan commences on the day on which it is published on the NSW legislation website.
1.2   Aims of Plan
(1)  This Plan aims to make local environmental planning provisions for land in Tweed in accordance with the relevant standard environmental planning instrument under section 3.20 of the Act.
(2)  The particular aims of this Plan are as follows—
(a)  to give effect to the desired outcomes, strategic principles, policies and actions contained in the Council’s adopted strategic planning documents, including, but not limited to, consistency with local indigenous cultural values, and the national and international significance of the Tweed Caldera,
(b)  to encourage a sustainable local economy and small business, employment, agriculture, affordable housing, recreational, arts, social, cultural, tourism and sustainable industry opportunities appropriate to Tweed,
(c)  to promote the responsible sustainable management and conservation of Tweed’s natural and environmentally sensitive areas and waterways, visual amenity and scenic routes, built environment, and cultural heritage,
(d)  to promote development that is consistent with the principles of ecologically sustainable development and to implement appropriate action on climate change,
(e)  to promote building design which considers food security, water conservation, energy efficiency and waste reduction,
(f)  to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy,
(g)  to conserve or enhance the biological diversity, scenic quality and geological and ecological integrity of Tweed,
(h)  to promote the management and appropriate use of land that is contiguous to or interdependent on land declared a World Heritage site under the Convention Concerning the Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage, and to protect or enhance the environmental significance of that land,
(i)  to conserve or enhance areas of defined high ecological value,
(j)  to provide special protection and suitable habitat for the recovery of the Tweed coastal Koala.
1.3   Land to which Plan applies
(1)  This Plan applies to the land identified on the Land Application Map.
(1A)  Despite subclause (1), this Plan does not apply to the land identified as “Deferred matter” on the Land Application Map.
1.4   Definitions
The Dictionary at the end of this Plan defines words and expressions for the purposes of this Plan.
1.5   Notes
Notes in this Plan are provided for guidance and do not form part of this Plan.
1.6   Consent authority
The consent authority for the purposes of this Plan is (subject to the Act) the Council.
1.7   Maps
(1)  A reference in this Plan to a named map adopted by this Plan is a reference to a map by that name—
(a)  approved by the local plan-making authority when the map is adopted, and
(b)  as amended or replaced from time to time by maps declared by environmental planning instruments to amend or replace that map, and approved by the local plan-making authority when the instruments are made.
(1AA)    (Repealed)
(2)  Any 2 or more named maps may be combined into a single map. In that case, a reference in this Plan to any such named map is a reference to the relevant part or aspect of the single map.
(3)  Any such maps are to be kept and made available for public access in accordance with arrangements approved by the Minister.
(4)  For the purposes of this Plan, a map may be in, and may be kept and made available in, electronic or paper form, or both.
 The maps adopted by this Plan are to be made available on the official NSW legislation website in connection with this Plan. Requirements relating to the maps are set out in the documents entitled Standard technical requirements for LEP maps and Standard requirements for LEP GIS data which are available on the website of the Department of Planning and Environment.
1.8   Repeal of planning instruments applying to land
(1)  All local environmental plans and deemed environmental planning instruments applying only to the land to which this Plan applies are repealed.
(2)  All local environmental plans and deemed environmental planning instruments applying to the land to which this Plan applies and to other land cease to apply to the land to which this Plan applies.
 However, Tweed Local Environmental Plan 2000 continues to apply to the land identified as “Deferred matter” under clause 1.3(1A).
1.8A   Savings provision relating to development applications
If a development application has been made before the commencement of this Plan in relation to land to which this Plan applies and the application has not been finally determined before that commencement, the application must be determined as if this Plan had not commenced.
 However, under Division 3.5 of the Act, a development application may be made for consent to carry out development that may only be carried out if the environmental planning instrument applying to the relevant development is appropriately amended or if a new instrument, including an appropriate principal environmental planning instrument, is made, and the consent authority may consider the application. The Division requires public notice of the development application and the draft environmental planning instrument allowing the development at the same time, or as closely together as is practicable.
1.9   Application of SEPPs
(1)  This Plan is subject to the provisions of any State environmental planning policy that prevails over this Plan as provided by section 3.28 of the Act.
(2)  The following State environmental planning policies (or provisions) do not apply to the land to which this Plan applies—
1.9A   Suspension of covenants, agreements and instruments
(1)  For the purpose of enabling development on land in any zone to be carried out in accordance with this Plan or with a consent granted under the Act, any agreement, covenant or other similar instrument that restricts the carrying out of that development does not apply to the extent necessary to serve that purpose.
(2)  This clause does not apply—
(a)  to a covenant imposed by the Council or that the Council requires to be imposed, or
(b)  to any relevant instrument within the meaning of section 13.4 of the Crown Land Management Act 2016, or
(c)  to any conservation agreement within the meaning of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974, or
(d)  to any Trust agreement within the meaning of the Nature Conservation Trust Act 2001, or
(e)  to any property vegetation plan within the meaning of the Native Vegetation Act 2003, or
(f)  to any biobanking agreement within the meaning of Part 7A of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995, or
(g)  to any planning agreement within the meaning of Subdivision 2 of Division 7.1 of the Act.
(3)  This clause does not affect the rights or interests of any public authority under any registered instrument.
(4)  Under section 3.16 of the Act, the Governor, before the making of this clause, approved of subclauses (1)–(3).