Cessnock Local Environmental Plan 2011
Current version for 17 April 2020 to date (accessed 11 July 2020 at 22:00)
Part 4 Clause 4.3
4.3   Height of buildings
(1)  The objectives of this clause are as follows—
(a)  to revitalise the Cessnock city centre to facilitate high density residential, commercial and retail development, to ensure that it develops in a coordinated and cohesive manner,
(b)  to ensure that taller buildings are appropriately located and consistent with the environmental setting and landform,
(c)  to encourage mixed use development with residential components, high residential amenity and active street frontages, while permitting adequate sunlight access to key areas of the public domain.
(2)  The height of a building on any land is not to exceed the maximum height shown for the land on the Height of Buildings Map.