Wentworth Local Environmental Plan 2011
Current version for 10 July 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 02:49)
Part 4 Clause 4.1
4.1   Minimum subdivision lot size
(1)  The objectives of this clause are as follows—
(a)  to ensure subdivision of land occurs in a manner that promotes suitable land uses and development,
(b)  to ensure subdivision occurs in a staged manner that minimises the cost to the community from the provision of public infrastructure and services,
(c)  to ensure rural lands are not fragmented in a manner that threatens their future use for agriculture or primary production,
(d)  to ensure that subdivision is not likely to result in inappropriate impacts on the natural environment including native vegetation, natural watercourses and habitats for threatened species and populations and endangered ecological communities,
(e)  to maximise the economic potential of, and provide for more intensive, small lot agricultural uses in areas able to access commercial quantities of irrigation water.
(2)  This clause applies to a subdivision of any land shown on the Lot Size Map that requires development consent and that is carried out after the commencement of this Plan.
(3)  The size of any lot resulting from a subdivision of land to which this clause applies is not to be less than the minimum size shown on the Lot Size Map in relation to that land.
(4)  This clause does not apply in relation to the subdivision of any land—
(a)  by the registration of a strata plan or strata plan of subdivision under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015, or
(b)  by any kind of subdivision under the Community Land Development Act 1989.