Wentworth Local Environmental Plan 2011
Current version for 10 July 2020 to date (accessed 6 August 2020 at 03:29)
Part 1 Clause 1.2
1.2   Aims of Plan
(1)  This Plan aims to make local environmental planning provisions for land in Wentworth in accordance with the relevant standard environmental planning instrument under section 3.20 of the Act.
(2)  The particular aims of this Plan are as follows—
(a)  to encourage and manage ecologically sustainable development within Wentworth,
(b)  to encourage the retention and enhancement of land that supports the primary economic activities within Wentworth for productive agriculture and other primary production purposes,
(c)  to conserve and protect items of European and Aboriginal cultural heritage,
(d)  to conserve and protect areas of environmental significance, particularly conservation parks, reserves and the Murray and Darling River systems.