How does the Enable/Disable Point in Time button on the Search page work?

When running searches on the main website Search pages (Basic, Advanced or Menu assisted), you can use the Enable/Disable Point in Time search buttons to filter the results.

  • Enable Point in Time search (tick)(default setting if you don’t make a selection) returns results only as at the current date or the date you select from the calendar
  • Disable Point in Time search (cross)returns results for all relevant versions of all titles (current and historical) regardless of date
PIT buttons
  • If you never click on one of these buttons, the search default will always be point in time as at the date you’re running the search.
  • If you do click a button, that selection will stick for all subsequent searches until you change it again.
  • You can continue to change the point-in-time date by using the calendar button.  


Last updated 13 July 2021 at 13:27