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Official notification of the making of statutory instruments and other legislative events

Week beginning 8 March 2010

(Last updated 12 March 2010 at 16:29)

1 NSW statutory instruments published on the NSW legislation website

Proclamations commencing Acts

Child Protection Legislation (Registrable Persons) Amendment Act 2009 No 93 (2010-83) — published LW 12 March 2010

Regulations and other statutory instruments

Human Tissue Amendment (Designated Specialists) Regulation 2010 (2010-84) — published LW 12 March 2010
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (General) Amendment (Animal Trades) Regulation 2010 (2010-85) — published LW 12 March 2010
Public Authorities (Financial Arrangements) Amendment (Anabranch Water) Regulation 2009 (2010-86) — published LW 12 March 2010

Environmental Planning Instruments

Camden Local Environmental Plan No 145 (2010-87) — published LW 12 March 2010
Lord Howe Island Local Environmental Plan 2010 (2010-88) — published LW 12 March 2010
Newcastle City Centre Local Environmental Plan 2008 (Amendment No 1) (2010-89) — published LW 12 March 2010
Wagga Wagga Local Environmental Plan 1985 (Amendment No 67) (2010-82) — published LW 8 March 2010

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2 NSW miscellaneous statutory instruments published in the Gazette

Legal Profession Admission Rules 2005 - amendments (2010-90) — published Gazette No 38 of 12 March 2010, page 1264

For other government instruments and notices see the Gazette.

3 Legislative events relating to NSW

Consultation or Exposure Bills


Bills introduced etc


Crimes Amendment (Child Pornography and Abuse Material) Bill 2010
Waste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Authorised Transaction) Bill 2010


Carers Recognition Bill 2010

Bills revised following amendment in Committee

Crimes Amendment (Police Pursuits) Bill 2010

Bills passed by both Houses of Parliament

Crimes (Administration of Sentences) Amendment Bill 2010
Crimes Amendment (Police Pursuits) Bill 2010
Housing Amendment (Community Housing Providers) Bill 2010
Sydney Olympic Park Authority Amendment Bill 2010

Acts assented to


For the full text of Bills, and details on the passage of Bills, see the Bills tab on the Parliament of NSW website.

Other events

Paper reprints of Acts and regulations etc 

Fair Trading Regulation 2007 (Reprint No 1)
Succession Act 2006 No 80 (Reprint No 1)
Surveying and Spatial Information Act 2002 No 83 (Reprint No 2)