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Official notification of the making of statutory instruments and other legislative events

Week beginning 1 June 2009

(Last updated 5 June 2009 at 11:59)

1 NSW statutory instruments published on the NSW legislation website

Proclamations commencing Acts


Regulations and other statutory instruments

Drug Misuse and Trafficking Amendment (Prohibited Drug) Regulation 2009 (2009-221) — published LW 5 June 2009
Environmental Planning and Assessment Amendment (Complying Development Certificates) Regulation 2009 (2009-220) — published LW 3 June 2009 
Registration of Interests in Goods Amendment (Prescribed Information) Regulation 2009 (2009-227) — published LW 5 June 2009

Environmental Planning Instruments

Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan No 223 (2009-222) — published LW 5 June 2009
Lake Macquarie Local Environmental Plan 2004 (Amendment No 29) (2009-223) — published LW 5 June 2009
Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 1987 (Amendment No 60) (2009-224) — published LW 5 June 2009
Pittwater Local Environmental Plan 1993 (Amendment No 81)—Heritage Conservation (2009-225) — published LW 5 June 2009
South Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1998 (Amendment No 19) (2009-226) — published LW 5 June 2009

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2 NSW miscellaneous statutory instruments published in the Gazette


For other government instruments and notices see the Gazette.

3 Legislative events relating to NSW

Consultation or Exposure Bills


Bills introduced etc


Coroners Bill 2009
Courts and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2009
Electricity Supply Amendment (GGAS Abatement Certificates) Bill 2009
NSW Lotteries (Authorised Transaction) Bill 2009
NSW Trustee and Guardian Bill 2009
Occupational Licensing Legislation Amendment (Regulatory Reform) Bill 2009
Residential Tenancies Amendment (Mortgagee Repossessions) Bill 2009
Rookwood Necropolis Repeal Bill 2009
Rural Lands Protection Amendment Bill 2009
State Emergency and Rescue Management Amendment Bill 2009


Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009

Bills revised following amendment in Committee

Heritage Amendment Bill 2009

Bills passed by both Houses of Parliament

Civil Procedure Amendment (Transfer of Proceedings) Bill 2009
Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Amendment (Council Law Enforcement Officers) Bill 2009
Energy Legislation Amendment (Infrastructure Protection) Bill 2009
Heritage Amendment Bill 2009
Industrial Relations Amendment (Jurisdiction of Industrial Relations Commission) Bill 2009
Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Amendment Bill 2009
Succession Amendment (Intestacy) Bill 2009

Acts assented to


For the full text of Bills, and details on the passage of Bills, see the Bills tab on the Parliament of NSW website.

Other events

Other miscellaneous instruments subject to parliamentary disallowance:

Parking Space Levy Regulation 2009 (2009-219) — published Schedule 2 to the Parking Space Levy Act 2009 No 5

Paper reprints of Acts and regulations etc 

Energy and Utilities Administration Act 1987 No 103 (Reprint No 5)
Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 No 103 (Reprint No 2)
Racing Administration Act 1998 No 114 (Reprint No 3)