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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 5 April 2020 at 17:57)
Part 9 Division 7 Subdivision 3
Subdivision 3 Drainage areas
208   Notice of drainage area
(1)  On the declaration under section 308(2) of the Act of a drainage area for a water supply authority, the water supply authority must deposit a map of the drainage area in its office.
(2)  The water supply authority must make the map available for inspection at reasonable times during its ordinary office hours.
(3)  The water supply authority must serve on each owner of land in the drainage area, personally or by post at the address of the owner last known to it, a notice to the effect that—
(a)  the drainage area has been declared, and
(b)  a map of the drainage area may be inspected at a specified place or specified places, and
(c)  drainage service charges are to be levied on land in the drainage area within a specified time, and
(d)  an objection to inclusion of the owner’s land in the drainage area may be lodged with the water supply authority, but only on the ground that surface or run-off water could not drain from the objector’s land into the drainage area, and
(e)  an objection must be in writing and must be lodged with the water supply authority before a specified date (being a date that is not earlier than 14 days after service of the notice), and
(f)  an objection will be referred by the water supply authority to an adjudicator for determination, and
(g)  an objector is not entitled to appear, or be represented, before the adjudicator unless the adjudicator so orders.
(4)  The water supply authority—
(a)  must appoint an independent person (that is, a person who is not subject to its direction or control) to be the adjudicator with respect to objections arising from the declaration of a particular drainage area, and
(b)  must refer all duly lodged objections to the adjudicator, and
(c)  must serve notice of the adjudicator’s decision on each objection on the objector concerned, either personally or by sending it by post to the objector’s address last known to the water supply authority.