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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 5 April 2020 at 18:09)
Part 9 Division 2 Clause 118
118   Cobar Water Board
(1)  Cobar Water Board’s area of operations is the area of land shown by distinctive marking on the map marked “Area of Operations of Cobar Water Board” deposited in the offices of the Department, being—
(a)  the land on which the Cobar Storage Dam is situated (as shown on DP 755660), and
(b)  the locality of Canbelego, and
(c)  the land over which the Nyngan to Cobar pipeline is situated.
 Certain land along the route of the Nyngan to Cobar pipeline is supplied with water by that pipeline. Pursuant to sections 292(2) and 311 of the Act, water service charges may be levied on that land even though it is not within the area of operations of Cobar Water Board.
(2)  Cobar Water Board has and may exercise only the function of providing water services.