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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 10 April 2020 at 07:20)
Part 9 Division 1 Clause 115
115   Definitions
In this Part—
authorised officer means—
(a)  an employee or other person acting on behalf of a water supply authority, or
(b)  a police officer.
dwelling means a room or suite of rooms occupied or used, or so constructed or adapted as to be capable of being occupied or used, as a separate residence.
Plumbing Code of Australia means the document entitled the Plumbing Code of Australia, produced for all State governments by the Australian Building Codes Board, as in force from time to time.
plumbing fitting includes any pipe, apparatus or fixture used for plumbing work.
repair includes make good, replace, reconstruct, remove, alter, cleanse or clear.
sewerage service means that part of sewerage pipework, including all sanitary fixtures, up to its point of connection to a water supply authority’s sewerage system.
water service means that part of water supply pipework from its point of connection to a water supply authority’s water supply system up to and including its outlet valves.
water supply service pipe means a pipe connecting a water service to a water supply authority’s water supply system, and includes the plumbing fittings connected to the pipe.