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Contents (2018 - 480)
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Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
Current version for 7 February 2020 to date (accessed 10 April 2020 at 06:37)
Part 11 Clause 257
257   Transformation of water entitlements
(1)  For the purposes of sections 190A(4) and 237A(4) of the Act, a determination by a private irrigation board or the members of a private water trust of a landholder’s water entitlement must specify the following—
(a)  the proportion of the share component of an access licence held by or on behalf of the board or trust that is available to the landholder,
(b)  the licence category of the landholder’s proportion of the share component.
(2)  For the purposes of sections 190A(6) and 237A(6) of the Act, a member of a person’s immediate family means—
(a)  a spouse or de facto partner or former spouse or de facto partner of the person, or
(b)  a child or step-child of the person, or
(c)  a grandchild or step-grandchild of the person, or
(d)  a parent or step-parent of the person, or
(e)  a grandparent or step-grandparent of the person, or
(f)  a brother, sister, step-brother or step-sister of the person.