Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 No 50
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 7 July 2020 at 16:56)
Part 11 Division 4 Section 214
214   Regulations
(1)  Regulations may be made for or with respect to the following—
(a)  building bonds,
(a1)  the functions of professional associations, or other bodies, with respect to determining whether persons are qualified to carry out functions as building inspectors,
(a2)  registers of persons qualified to be appointed as building inspectors, including the public availability of those registers,
(a3)  conditions that may be imposed on the exercise of functions under this Part by building inspectors, including the imposition of conditions by the Secretary or professional associations,
(b)  the appointment of a building inspector by the Secretary if a building inspector is no longer available or is not qualified or is otherwise not suitable,
(c)  additional circumstances in which the Secretary, rather than the developer, is to appoint a building inspector,
(d)  information required to be provided to the Secretary by the developer or the owners corporation in relation to building inspectors and other matters arising from this Part,
(e)  nomination of building inspectors for approval by owners corporations,
(f)  matters to be disclosed to the owners corporation by a developer seeking approval of a building inspector and the period within which disclosure is to be made,
(g)  meetings of owners corporations to consider the approval of the appointment of a building inspector,
(h)  the provision of information to a building inspector for the purposes of an inspection or report,
(i)  applications to the Secretary for a determination that a final inspection and report are not required,
(j)  requirements to be observed in relation to the conduct of a review under section 213.
(2)  Without limiting subsection (1) (a), the regulations may provide for the following—
(a)  requirements for the provision and maintenance of a building bond,
(b)  requirements for additional information or documents to be provided relating to the amount required to be secured by a building bond,
(c)  how the contract price is to be determined for the purposes of the amount required to be secured by a building bond,
(d)  when a building bond lapses or need not be maintained,
(e)  procedures relating to applications for, and the payment of, amounts secured by a building bond,
(e1)  procedures to be followed by the Secretary in determining an amount under section 209 (1A),
(f)  the period of notice to be given of a proposed payment of an amount secured by a building bond,
(g)  fees relating to the provision of building bonds under this Part.