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Contents (2013 - 40)
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Government Sector Employment Act 2013 No 40
Current version for 1 July 2019 to date (accessed 23 February 2020 at 20:18)
Part 4 Division 5 Section 43
43   Kinds of employment
(1)  Employment as a Public Service non-executive employee may be any one of the following kinds of employment:
(a)  ongoing employment,
(b)  temporary employment,
(c)  casual employment.
(2)  Ongoing employment is employment that continues until the employee resigns or his or her employment is terminated.
(3)  Temporary employment is employment for a temporary purpose.
(4)  Casual employment is employment to carry out irregular, intermittent, short-term, urgent or other work as and when required.
(5)  An employee who is employed to assist a specified judicial officer (or other specified officer of a kind prescribed by the regulations) may be employed on the basis that the person’s employment may be terminated when the officer ceases to hold office.