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Contents (2002 - 103)
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Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 No 103
Current version for 6 December 2019 to date (accessed 29 January 2020 at 19:07)
Part 6B Division 1
Division 1 Interpretation
87P   Definitions
In this Part—
long duration public safety order—see section 87V.
public event means a trade, cultural, social or sporting event that is open to the public (including when entry into the event requires the payment of a fee or other charge).
public safety order—see section 87Q.
senior police officer means a police officer of the rank of Inspector or above (including the Commissioner).
 By virtue of the Interpretation Act 1987 (section 48(2)) a person acting in an office referred to above may exercise the functions of a senior police officer under this Part.
87Q   What is a public safety order
A public safety order is an order made by a senior police officer that prohibits a specified person (or persons belonging to a specified class of persons) from—
(a)  attending a specified public event (including entering, or being present at, premises being used in connection with the public event), or
(b)  entering, or being present at, specified premises or other specified area at any time during a specified period.