Law Enforcement (Powers and Responsibilities) Act 2002 No 103
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 15 August 2020 at 18:19)
Part 6A Division 3 Section 87MB
87MB   Powers exercisable where vehicle outside the target area of authorisation given under this Division
(1)  This section applies where—
(a)  an authorisation has been given under this Division in connection with a public disorder, and
(b)  a vehicle is on a road that is not (or not in an area) the target of the authorisation.
(2)  A police officer may exercise the powers conferred under this Division in relation to the vehicle (and any person or thing in or on the vehicle) without the authorisation extending to the vehicle if—
(a)  the officer suspects on reasonable grounds that the occupants of the vehicle have participated or intend to participate in the public disorder, and
(b)  the officer is satisfied that the exercise of those powers is reasonably necessary to prevent or control the public disorder.
(3)  This section does not limit the operation of section 87A(3).
(4)  This section does not authorise a police officer to exercise the powers under section 87MA.