Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57
Current version for 1 December 2018 to date (accessed 9 August 2020 at 01:11)
Part 5 Section 62
62   Committees
(1)  The Board may establish one or more committees to assist it in connection with the exercise of its functions.
(2)  The Board must establish a committee to be known as the Advisory Committee for Millennium Parklands. The Advisory Committee for Millennium Parklands may make recommendations to the Board with respect to the care, control and management of the Millennium Parklands.
(3)  A committee has such functions as are conferred on it by or under this Act and as the Board may from time to time determine in respect of it.
(4)  At least one member of a committee must be a member of the Board, but otherwise a member of a committee need not be a member of the Board.
(5)  Before appointing a person (other than a member of the Board) as a member of the Advisory Committee for Millennium Parklands, the Board must consult with the Minister administering this Act and the Minister for the Environment.
(6)  A committee member holds office for such period as may be specified by the Board, but the Board may terminate the appointment of a committee member at any time.
(7)  The proceedings of a committee are to be presided over by the member of the committee who is a member of the Board or, if there is more than one such member, by the member determined by the Board.
(8)  Subject to subsection (7), the procedure for the calling of meetings of a committee and for the conduct of business at those meetings is to be decided by the Board or (subject to any decision of the Board) by the committee.
(9)  A committee member is entitled to be paid such remuneration (including travelling and subsistence allowances) as the Minister may from time to time determine in respect of the member.