Sydney Olympic Park Authority Act 2001 No 57
Current version for 1 December 2018 to date (accessed 5 August 2020 at 00:52)
Part 4 Division 3 Section 35
35   Adoption of plan of management
(1)  When the plan of management has been prepared, the Authority is to give public notice that the plan has been prepared and must, in the notice:
(a)  specify the address of the place at which copies of the plan may be inspected, and
(b)  specify the address to which representations in connection with the plan may be forwarded.
(2)  Any person may, within one month after public notice is given, or within such longer period as may be specified in the notice, make representations to the Authority concerning the plan of management.
(3)  The Authority must refer all representations to the Advisory Committee for Millennium Parklands established under section 62 for its consideration and advice.
(4)  The Authority is to submit the plan of management to the Minister together with any comments and suggested amendments of the Advisory Committee for Millennium Parklands and a report that includes a summary of public submissions and responses by the Authority.
(5)  The Minister may:
(a)  adopt the plan of management, without alteration or with such alterations as the Minister thinks fit, or
(b)  refer the plan of management back to the Authority for further consideration.
(6)  The Minister must not adopt the plan of management unless the Minister for the Environment has concurred in the adoption of the plan.
(7)  Once the plan of management is adopted, any member of the public is entitled to inspect, free of charge, at the office of the Authority during ordinary office hours:
(a)  a copy of the plan, and
(b)  a copy of a report on the public submissions, and the responses by the Authority, made in respect of the plan.
(8)  The Minister must not adopt the plan of management, or any amendment of a plan of management, unless the Minister has considered the consistency of the plan, or the amendment, with the Environmental Guidelines.